直死无限 (Zhi Si Wu Xian) Chapter 1

Here’s Chapter 1.

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Chapter 1: The First Skill from My Talent.

So, when people die, where do they go?

Fang Li doesn’t know.

That is because Fang Li can be sure that the place he would go to after his death would definitely be anything but normal.

“This… Where is this?”

Fang Li gazes at his surroundings in confusion.

At this moment, Fang Li is in a place of vast sky and land.

The land is barren, not a single flower, grass or tree grows from it, only a layer of earth is exposed to the air. It is a sight one is unable to derive any warmth from.

There are four walls in the four corners of the barren land.

The four walls seal in the interiors tightly, secluding the world within from the outside.

All in all, this is a barren prison.

Although there isn’t a ceiling on top, Fang Li couldn’t feel the presence of any sunlight. There is only an unknown source of light illuminating the space.

Yet, in this enclosed space, on the wall right in front of Fang Li, there is a door.

“A door?”

Fang Li subconsciously desires to walk towards the door.

Then, at this moment, a cold voice appears in his head, dispelling Fang Li’s original thought of moving to the door. Instead, he stands rooted at his original position.

“Beginning transmission of instructions.”


What is that?

Such a thought floats into Fang Li’s head. In the next instant, he feels as though some forgotten memory seems to have been dredged up from the depths of his mind. At the same time, it feels like a foreign memory is being forcefully implanted into his head. A large amount of information starts to flow into him.

Along the flow of the information is an ice-cold voice.

“The Dimensions of Main Gods, also known as the spaces created by Main God existences.”

“There is no boundaries to space, but it is connected to all of the worlds that exist in the memories of humans in an illusory and unreal form.”

“In there, you can attain the power you dream of.”

“In there, you can attain endless riches.”

“However, you have to compete for these things through your capabilities. What the Dimensions of Main Gods provide you is only an opportunity.”

“No. 11273, you have been chosen at the moment of your death. You have been awarded with a new life in this Dimensions of Main Gods.”

“From today onwards, you will become the Envoy of one of the Main Gods in the Dimensions of Main Gods. You will travel from one world to another and through that, you will attain what others will never obtain in their entire life.”

“Of course, the prerequisite to that is you possessing the capital for it ———— Exchange points.”

“A new Envoy of the Main God in the Dimensions of Main God will earn 1000 Exchange  points and 5 stat points. Please use it wisely so as to prevent yourself from dying in the first Dungeon World.”

“You don’t have much time left. 30 minutes later, the first Duplicate World will be activated and you will face your first trial.”

“In this period of time, you are unable to leave your personal space. Only by passing the trial of the first Duplicate World can you become a true Envoy of a Main God, thus opening the countless possibilities before you.”

At this point, the cold voice seems to have completed the mission tasked of it and disappears, leaving Fang Li with that huge chunk of information.

These information are like the guide to the rookies in a game. They impart the basic knowledge of the Dimensions of Main Gods to Fang Li.

From the information, Fang Li knows that the voice previously isn’t some remarkable existence communicating with him. It is just like the system notice in a game, a basic function of the Dimensions of Main Gods.

After accepting all of these information, Fang Li recovers from his daze and his confused expression turns into a complex one.

“New life… is it?”

This should be something fortunate right?

It is a pity, but Fang Li doesn’t feel anything from it.

“I was fine with dying as well…”


Dying doesn’t mean anything.

That’s because Fang Li doesn’t fear death.


Rather, due to his personality flaw, Fang Li doesn’t hold any emotions to the concept of 「Death」, thus needless to say fear.

“However, to be alive is also a good thing.”

After all, Fang Li is only nonchalant to death. This doesn’t mean that he seeks death.

Carrying such a thought, Fang Li follows the instructions in the information and submerges his consciousness into his mind.

The next moment, information starts to float before him.


Figure:Fang Li


Level:Fifth Level





(The average stats for a 20 year old human is an average of 5 points in every stats, except for intelligence.)


In the Dimensions of Main Gods, the strength of the Envoys of Main Gods can be split into 3 main components

1: Stats

2: Skills

3: Equipment

These three components has been quantified by the Dimensions of Main Gods so that the Envoys of Main Gods are able to look through it to grasp their current strength.

Of the three, stats refer to the basic capabilities of the individual.

STR determines a person’s strength.

VIT determines a person’s ability to endure.

AGI determines a person’s agility.

INT determines a person’s talent in God Secret and is linked to the possibility and extent of usage of all miraculous powers.

The powers of an Envoy of Main Gods starts to develop from raising these stats.

An average twenty year old human possesses an average of 5 for every stat, with the exception of INT.

Although Fang Li is just eighteen this year, not yet twenty, his four basic stats STR, VIT, AGI and INT are 1.

“…That is to say, even among humans, I am the worst of the lot?”

Fang Li’s mouth twitches.

He would really like to ask what an average ten year old kid’s three stats, with the exception of INT, would be.

Could it be that he can’t even rival a ten year old kid?

“Forget it, I guess it could be blamed on my dislike towards exercising.”

From seven years old onward, Fang Li who started to realise his abnormalities and stopped playing like a normal kid.

This symptom became worse and worse as he grew older. Fang Li shuts himself completely at home. Everyday, he would live with his laptop and his smartphone. Even if he goes out with friends, he would only eat with them, firmly rejecting all outdoor sports like basketball.

Fang Li led such a life for ten years, so how could his physical body become strong?

After coming to an acceptance with his trashy stats, Fang Li focuses his attention on the skill list.

A new Envoy of the Main God in the Dimensions of Main Gods would naturally have an empty skill list.

However, Fang Li is surprised to find that there is a skill in his skill list.

Furthermore, it is a skill that leaves Fang Li incredibly astonished.


Mystic Eye of Death Perception (Talent): You are able to see the 「Death」 of beings through receiving the intangible concept of 「Death」 in the form of a visual information. It would appear like a scribbled 「Line」. When a person’s 「Line」 is severed, the severed portion will be brought to its end, resulting in an irrecoverable and irreversible death.


Fang Li first stares blankly before hurriedly looking around his surroundings.

“Mirror… Mirror… If there isn’t a mirror, a water surface will do as well!”

However, there is nothing in this personal space, only barren land.

On the other hand, the system of the Dimensions of Main God sounds out with its usual ice-cold words.

“A normal mirror costs 10 Exchange points.”

10 Exchange points?

Then I shouldn’t hesitate anymore right?

Fang Li immediately confirms the exchange.

The next moment, a mirror appears in front of him without any pre-warning, falling into Fang Li’s hands.

Holding the mirror, Fang Li looks at his own face.

That face may not be extraordinarily handsome, but it emits a very amiable impression.

His hair is pitch-black. It doesn’t shine, but the color is very pure.

Fang Li remembers that his eyes are of the same color as his hair, pure darkness.

However, in this instant, what is reflected in the mirror isn’t the pitch-black pupils he remembers.

That is a pair of eyes filled with an ice-blue radiance and in the center, there are circles and circles of bright colors reminiscent of a rainbow.

“Mystic Eye of Death Perception…”

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I always thought that I was a special human,
That I had some special power and would be entrusted with a mission.
So I never thought about studying hard for exams, or working to pay for food.
I looked down on people who busied themselves working hard.
I was bullied at school and then stopped going, and couldn’t even get a job.
In the end I was abandoned by my parents, and having fallen halfway into self abandonment, I was hit by a truck and died.

I wasn’t special, I realised that I only convinced myself that I was special to run away whenever things got tough. I wanted to do it all over.

I wanted this time, to live a life that I wouldn’t regret.

                                                                             -Shioda Tetsuya A.K.A Tilea(Tilea Worries)

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  1. Mystic Eyes of Death Perception? More plagiat? I’ve seen this ability in some old japanese novel in which the one who has it is a highschooler with true vampire as girlfriend, and even the skill description is the same.

    Well, either way i’m interested. Thanks for the translation.


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